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Well & Wash house at Scotlandwell

The objects of the Trust are:
a. To stimulate public interest in, and care for, the good appearance of the towns,
villages and rural environment of Kinross-shire and Glenfarg, and to generate
a sense of local pride.
b. To maintain the essential character and identity of Kinross-shire.
c. To encourage high standards of architecture, amenity and planning.
d. To help conserve buildings and monuments of historic interest.
e. To eliminate and prevent ugliness in the form of bad design, neglect and pollution

What The Kinross-shire Civic Trust Does :
1. Looks at all planning applications in the Kinross-shire & Glenfarg area and submits comments to the local authority as required..
2. Maintains close links with Perth and Kinross Council on all matters relating to
planning and public amenities.
3. Maintains close links with local and national land use and conservation organisations.
4. Encourages people to take an interest in the natural and man-made environment by
organising informative talks and visits.
5. Publishes fact sheets on a wide range of local amenity issue.
6. Keeps members and the public informed via Facebook and regular columns in the Kinross Newsletter.